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EDIT: Sign ups are closed! Keep your eyes peeled for the posting of the requests come December 25th!

So how many of you guys remember these?

Under the Mistletoe Requests by Shinkoryu14
Caught Under the Mistletoe by Shinkoryu14

Welp, I'm doing it again! For those of you who weren't around last year, here's the gist; in the spirit of the season of giving, I've decided to open up special Under the Mistletoe Requests. Each person who asks will get one character of theirs drawn by me. But not just any drawing- the character will be drawn under the mistletoe with a random character from one of the other requesters! I will leave the requests open until 12:00 PM noon EST on December 23, and post the compilation of the drawings on Christmas Day. Last year I limited it to people who were watching me before I posted the opening, but this year I'll tentatively remove that restriction and leave the requests open to anyone who'd like one!

You can if you wish specify how far you are willing for your character to go, under one of three categories, or you can leave it up to me to decide. The categories are-

1) No Kiss- Your character is under the mistletoe and looking profoundly embarrassed, but refuses to play along and actually kiss their partner.

2) Cute Kiss- A peck on the cheek or touching noses, simple and innocent.

3) Romantic Kiss- A full mouthed kiss.

There are no limitations here insofar as species goes, I'll draw anthros, humans, or quadrupedal animals. Have at thee! The only restriction I'm putting on characters is that you need a visual reference. A description is not enough, sorry. When finished they'll look more or less the same as the picture above. Remember that the person/critter your character ends up kissing will be entirely random. Because that's half the fun.

Hit me with your best shot! I'll keep a running list of requesters on this journal.

1) Songdog-StrayFang Speakeasy Reference by Songdog-StrayFang (no preference for the kiss)
2) Elycien ref and colors (no preference for the kiss)
3) SpoonLake Lost Athens - Hiccup 2013 Reference by SpoonLake (Option 2 or 3)
4) The-Legendary-Female The Lord of Embers by The-Legendary-Female (Option 1? XD )
5) fluffyz Jason Jackson by fluffyz (no preference)
6) corvusraven Character reference: Nomatt and Mary Ant by corvusraven (Option 2)
7) ReverendAspen Amu'geplas Reference by ReverendAspen (no preference)
8) elizasphotography Ref (Option 1 or 2)
9) Tzaryn Leo Reference by Tzaryn (no preference)
10) Lsyn Lost Athens RP-Mess Jr. by Lsyn (no preference)
11) Evelyn-Cross Ren Reference by Evelyn-Cross (Option 3)
12) Neo-Coaster Kill Vote (a Medieval special) by Neo-Coaster (Option 2)
13) AlfaFilly Picard Padick Turnaround Sheet by AlfaFilly (No preference)
14) FallenFromHisArms Ref (Option 2)
15) twmewy ref (Option 2)
16) MintyDreams7 Robodino the Robo Dino by MintyDreams7 (Option 1 or 2)
17) Kristykimmy Tristan Ashley and Lori by Kristykimmy (Option 2)
18) Canis-ferox Rook Reference 2014 by Canis-ferox (Option 1)
19) cpmtiger Leif Flat Colors by cpmtiger Snowy by cpmtiger (Option 1)
20) Celestialtien Colors and Fullbody (Option 2)
21) DarkPixie (no dA) Ref

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Heya. I'm Shinkoryu14, but you can call me Shinko. I am an avid writer with more characters and imagination that I know what to do with. I am an OCT addict; I won the Coloring-MediumOCT, hosted Chernobyl-Curs, and I'm currently participating in Lost-and-Found-OCT. I welcome critique as long as it's given maturely, and love feedback of all kinds.

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fluffyz Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Professional General Artist

It's supposed to be Xeln but idk
Shinkoryu14 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pffff, he looks unimpressed.
fluffyz Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
His natural state yes?
Shinkoryu14 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha, pretty much. XD
MasterOfGeckos Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014

VERY LATE BIRFDAY WISHES. Hope it was a good one.
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